Our team

A diverse and motivated team. Always ready for a new challenge

We design, create and develop serious applied playing formats that can be used, changed, and altered into different games that all lead to our dream: 1 billion healthy and happier people!

Working on 1 billion smiles
Sandra van Rijswijk
Founding Partner | Commander in heels
Jurriaan van Rijswijk
Jurriaan van Rijswijk
Founding Partner | Director | Manager
Rob Tieben
Founding Partner | Creative Director
I love it when a plan comes together
Mark van Kuijk
Founding Partner | Head of Product development
The more I practice, the better I get
Erik Knol
We’ll burn that bridge when we get there
Berry Hermans
Game Developer
Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded
Werner Rutten
Complex Systems Designer
Playful intelligence is the essence of happiness in life!
René Luigies
Senior Business Development Manager
Good communication is talking as closely past each other as possible! 😉
Valerie van der Looij
Communications- and Marketingadviser
Programmer on the white horse
Kitty van der Ploeg
Game developer
Same day delivery
Daniël Boomsma
Audio designer | Videographer | Tester
Maybe not every day will be beautiful, but there is something beautiful in every day!
Simone Coenen
Project Manager
No Pain no Gain
Maikel van den Boomen
Intern | Student Sociology
Find Joy in the Journey
Luca de Graaf
Content & Communication
Jorian Dane
If you’re the rookie after all, you better own it
Joska Persoon
Intern | Student Sociology
TV famous, and participates with joy
Gijs Verhoeven
Intern | Student Interaction Technology